Decima Flottiglia Mas

Decima Flottiglia Mas

Panerai is undertoned and known for its association with the Decima Flottiglia Mas, the Italian Commando Frogmen. Pioneers of the underwater wristwatch, Panerai provided high-calibre instruments to the Regia Marina (the Italian Royal Navy). The inception of the brand dates back to as early as 1860, in Florence, and the watchmakers soon began development for the Regia Marina.0 The workshop was operated by Guido Panerai - the grandson of the founder, Giovanni Panerai.

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The horological prowess of the Panerai name was exhibited in World War 1; ship's clocks and machanical calculators, used for precision firing of torpedoes. Also among the inventory of the Regia Marina, thanks to Panerai, were luminous devices for use of naval night-gunning, and various types of high-precision timers, depth-measurement devices and compasses. The underwater commando, the Decima Flottigla Mas, were heavily in association with Panerai.

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The Flottigla Mas was regarded as highly infamous prior to and during World War II, for their devastatingly effective underwater-combat operations. They were Sappers, Divers, and Frogmen, particularly known  for their intimidating “manned torpedoes”. torpedo

Quite arguably, the first true diving-watch is the Panerai Radiomir. The prototype was produced in 1936 and, after a lot of testing, went into full production in 1938. The watch movements were specially made for Panerai by Rolex. The Flottiglia Mas wore and utilized the Radiomir, crafted with a luminous dial and Perspex crystal. This was highly viable and reliable item of equipment; a notable part of Flottiglia Mas' impressive inventory. The Radiomir was later replaced by the Luminor, which featured a  locking crown guard lever.

Over the course of more than four more decades, Panerai kept producing watches and other equipment for the military, and in 1993 released a limited edition collection for public purchase. This collection was to commemorate and pay tribute to the models of their military history. It was an era never to be forgotten, and Panerai knew this, so they shared it with the general public.

Panerai continues producing stunning models today, with design focused on its rich and iconic military history. Largely, these are high-end watches that are meant for the upper-reaches of the luxury market.

 At Strapmeister, we provide finely crafted straps and buckles that pays homage to this watches. Our “Flottiglia Mas Tang Buckle” is an excellent investment, as it's commemorative nature is sure to be an exemplary compliment to the notorious exploits of the Decima Flottiglia Mas.

As can be seen in our product picture, this finely brushed steel buckle pays tribute to the Panerai-Flottiglia Mas Reputation. Engraved boldly, coming in three sizes, it is perfectly viable as an expression of admiration of the Decima Flottiglia Mas, the extraordinary operatives of underwater combat.

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